Tree surgeon salary and other useful information

Who is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon is somebody, a horticultural maintenance engineer, who is responsible for the felling of trees, splitting of logs, cutting hedges, planting and replanting, and the pruning of shrubs and branches.Essentially, arborists, or tree surgeons, are professionals tasked with the responsibility of maintenance of trees with an aim of preserving them.

In an ecosystem, conflicts may arise between people and trees. It is the task of the tree surgeon to resolve these conflicts that may arise to assure on the safety of people and their property, as well as to uphold the health and welfare of trees.

How much does a tree surgeon earn?

The tree surgeon pay for an unskilled junior, who wishes to join an esteemed company without the relevant industry qualifications, will probably be from £11,500 in a year up to £16,000 after two years of experience. For an experienced arborist, accredited by the Arboricultural Association at a diploma level, the tree surgeon rates can range from £19,000 to £25,000 in a year.

Pricing of tree surgeons

Often, the tree surgeonsoperate as sole traders or in small partnerships and have a better chance at earning more, depending on how much work they can handle and the location of the site they work in. In this case, the tree surgeon rates are based on a daily pay range of £60 to £135 in accordance to the arborist’s demand and experience. Personal startups also require one to take account of costs; for example, personal injury insurance.

How to become a tree surgeon

Ever pondered over how do I become a tree surgeon? Well, you need not have an interest in trees to be an arborist. But, it is a good idea to have an understanding of the trees as you will be working with them most of the time.  Tree surgery best suits those that are apt to work in all sorts of weather conditions. You should also be conscious of some legal issues if you endeavor to venture in this field. Your knowledge on the boundaries and conservative laws, as a tree surgeon aspirant, should be sound.

Responsibilities of a tree surgeon

  • Heeding to the customer’s requirements and preparation of an on-site, or telephone, quotation.
  • Timely arrival and commencement of the work at the site as per the pre-agreed schedule.
  • Completion of the agreed work (necessary felling, pruning, planting and replanting, log removal, and hedge-work)
  • Ensuring that all the insurance documents are valid(for personal injury and public liability)
  • On completion of the task, removal of waste products and tidying of the site
  • Provision of an invoice for the work done and appraising the customer’s future work requirements

Tree surgeon insurance

Whether you are involved in Arboriculture or Tree Surgery, and you are a professional contractor or consultant, the insurance firms will offer you a diverse scope of expertise to aid you. The insurance brokers have the extensive knowledge of setting up cost effective insurance schemes for Arboricultural or Forestry businesses.  Settle for that insurance firm with a number of insurance options; for example, the Public Liability Insurance which is designed to insure you against losses or damages brought about by accidents to third parties. Tools and Plant Insurance is crafted to cover for the theft of your equipment.

Tree surgeon association

Tree surgeon associations, for example the Arboricultural Association, have a listed directory for the certified arboricultural contractors (ARB Approved Contractors), inclusive of their contact details for the convenience of their clients.

Tree surgeon equipment

There are a number of innovative tree surgeon tools (such as the connectors, saws, pulleys etc), and protective clothing, dedicated to enhancing the excellence and safety of your workers, as well as your property.You should take into consideration the various tools, and protective clothing that may be required in your site, so as not to expose your property to damage.

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